Incursion 2 Game

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Incursion 2 – Heroic and detailed tower defense action

Thirst for Action

If you have a god complex that simply has to be fed, a hero complex that requires you to save someone or something from the forces of evil, or simply just a desire to dabble in a little bit of kingdom-defending, then the tower defense genre is probably the ticket for you. If you’ve already smashed, sliced, and sorcerer-ed your way through the incredible Kingdom Rush, then you might just squeeze some sweet entertainment juice out of booblyc’s Incursion 2 to quench your thirst for some top-notch tower defense action. With heroes to satisfy your hero complex, point-and-click ordering of your troops to exercise your god complex, and an altogether memorable take on tower defense to placate your desire for, well, a great tower defense experience, Incursion 2 is the closest thing to the greatness of Kingdom Rush without actually being said game.

How it Works

The game is straight-up tower defense in its structure, with a top-down view of the action that takes place on a set pathway along which waves of enemies will saunter in an attempt to ruin your day. Your job is to use one of the numerous buildings along the side of the pathway to station either archers, sorcerers, or soldiers, a combination of which will successfully deny the successful passage of the enemy through your land. The small twist in the tale is the permanent deployment of Targa, your personal hero that you get to direct around the terrain like your own one-man militia who has been paid up for the duration of the game. Your hero can level up as you progress in the game; he can also be ordered around the screen instead of being tethered to a small radius around each of the barracks on the side of the road.

Why it Works

The ability to upgrade your towers needs to be a central aspect of pretty much any tower defense game if it is to be successful; thankfully, Incursion 2 gives you the ability to upgrade your basic units, as well as giving you the opportunity to attain spells and other items that will swing the game in your favour. The game allows you to deploy several types of troop at any one barracks, making it a slightly different process to Kingdom Rush, as well as the action being on a more detailed level by placing an emphasis on the placement of each individual troop as opposed to the broader scope of games like Kingdom rush. The graphics of game are fairly impressive as well, and even though they couldn’t possibly hope to touch on the incredible visual style of Kingdom Rush and even the more elaborate Medieval Style of Age of Empires, either way the cartoon-like look seems to prove a successful combination.

An Improvement

Incursion 2 is an excellent tower defense title with a friendly visual style and some very addictive gameplay. Upgrading your troops and training your hero is a very fun process, and the level of control you have over your troops is a noticeable improvement on the original. Even though Kingdom Rush will always be my desert island game from the tower defense genre, Incursion 2 sits up there as a close second.