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Kingdom Rush 2 – An unbeatable tower defense original just got beaten by its own sequel

The Second Coming

Oh Ironhide, you sure know how to whip up a fan-base into an absolute frenzy, don’t you. The announcement of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, the long-awaited sequel to an original that quite literally defines the genre that it is a subject of; this genre is tower defense, and my word does Kingdom Rush do this genre better than any other game could ever dream of. June 6th saw the momentous occasion of the release of this second coming of the greatest tower defense game to have ever lived a flash-based existence, and I’ll tell you right now that neither I nor the internet in general could be happier about it. Months of preview videos, tower upgrades, forum discussion, and the unbearably general labelling of the release date (which we were only told was ‘sometime this Spring’) all culminated at the moment of the game’s release. With such a fearsome predecessor to follow and millions of fans around the world to answer to if things aren’t quite up scratch, exactly how does Kingdon Rush 2 (Frontiers) compare to what no self-respecting Frenchman would call “les originale”.

Contented with Content

Loading up the game for the first time on your iOS device will lead you to immediately notice the almost completely identical appearance of the game to the first one. Dig a little deeper, though and you will find out what all the speculation and fuss was about before its release. The new tower types are of course the most exciting thing about the game, with the Necromacer and Archmage towers being the most exciting in my eyes, though the Battle-Mecha T-200 also isn’t a tower that I take lightly. An exhaustive list of these towers can be found here, but suffice it to say that each of them brings a fresh new perspective on the ranged, artillery, magic, and melee tower types that form the basis of the game’s upgrade structure.

New heroes and enemies are also the talk of the kingdom as well, with faces that should be familiar from the previews including Alric the Warrior and Mirage the Assassin popping up. Among the other brand new heroes lurking in the hero room that you may be unfamiliar with are Dierdre, Sha’Tra and Nivus the Wizard. Each hero has passive and active attacks/abilities as before, but this time, you can upgrade each of their attacks as you go through the game, allowing you to become more invested in their development and train your favourite hero up to be a fearsome warrior. The majority of the enemies are also different from the game’s predecessor, with desert thugs, mummies, sandworms, and gorillas being just a few of the unbelievable range of 41 total enemy types to content with. As you can see, Kingdom Rush 2 is not, and never will be short on content.

The Next Chapter

To compare Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush 2 (Frontiers) would be like to trying to compare two chapters of the game incredible book: both are very similar in their style and presentation, but the chapter that succeeds the one before it is likely an elaboration of its predecessor, developing and augmenting the content and story of the first rather than veering off into new and unfamiliar territory. To lead this analogy to the game at hand, Kingdom Rush 2 has identical tower types, some familiar enemies, and almost identical look, and the heroes concept remains pretty much the same as well. The new tower upgrades, the new heroes, and the imaginative level designs and fresh enemies are where the game elaborates on the original, doing so in undoubtedly the best way possible. Kingdom Rush 2 (Frontiers) embodies all that is good about the original, and everything that is right about the genre of tower defense. Sublime.