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Gorgeousness in Gaming

If someone told me that they had played the original Kingdom Rush and hadn’t enjoyed it, I would firstly question whether this person had indeed been playing the wrong game, and if this is not the case, then I would then go on to question this person’s sanity. There is simply no way that one can play Kingdom Rush without at very least enjoying it mildly and greatly appreciating the incredible artwork, design, and general distinctive look of the whole thing, the gorgeousness of which cannot be sufficiently conveyed with any of the worlds currently in use in the English vernacular. To properly understand the immensity towards which I am hinting in no subtle way, you must experience it first hand, and Kingdom Rush 2 is going to convey this feeling to you in a manner than no words ever could. Experiencing this incredible sequel is one thing, but to build new towers, encounter new enemies, and command new heroes in full, face-slapping HD is almost too much for the conscious mind to take. I’ve got a feeling you’ll handle it, however, and survive to tell the magnificent tale.

Maintaining Greatness

I’m not ashamed to refer to what is essentially a mobile-device-based piece of gaming entertainment as gorgeous; this is because the whole thing looks and plays like a dream within a dream within a tower defense game. Though this sequel is noticeably similar to its predecessor in appearance (as well as the sounds that come out of the thing) and format, there are some lovely new towers, heroes, and enemies to experience, as well as a whole set of new levels, each with their own stage-specific nuances of brilliance and enemies/allies. The building of towers to defend against waves of enemies is the format that has remained entirely unchanged since the original, and also the four base tower types (ranged, magic, artillery, and barracks) linger like a well-placed beauty spot on the face of Ironhide’s Kingdom Rush-shaped face.

Towers Perchance?

I’m talking to existing Kingdom Rush fans here, but remember all those hero preview videos and tower upgrade announcements? Well, they have arrived (obviously, since I’m writing this review and also the fact that the game has been out since the 6th of June is also a dead giveaway), and they are all in fine, fine HD that is so crisp and clear that you may want to use caution when playing the game in public since one glance from an unsuspecting non-Rusher may result in them going immediately blind. It’s not surprising really when considering the new tower upgrades that include a the knights templar, windwalker’s totem, archmage magic tower, and the DWAARP. More comprehensive tower descriptions are available on our other Frontiers page, but the main point is that these new tower upgrades alone are enough to justify the long wait for this sequel.

Mayhap Sir Would Like Some Foes and Heroes?

I’ve already attempted to overstate the greatness of the towers, but it’s not over yet: I’m also ridiculously in love with the new heroes and the accompanying upgrade system that allows their development throughout the game. Familiarity rains down with heroes like Alric, Mirage, and Cronan, all of which we have seen and read about in the preview videos released before Kingdom Rush 2 dropped onto our mobile devices; new heroes shine brightly in this sequel, among them Grawl and Ashbite, though the better heroes are of course part of the premium content of the game. Hey, a developer’s got to make money, right? Also notable is the fact that the range of enemies is entirely new aside from the wulves, so expect to fight against mummies, necromancers, giant bees, and sand thugs, with 41 enemies to face off with in total.

Tower Defense Win

Charlie Sheen would be so proud of Kingdom Rush Frontiers 2, just because of all the winning that it has overflowing out of every one of its orafices. Its new tower upgrades, enemies, and heroes blend incredibly well with the classic format and the retention of the distinctive visual style that is unmistakably characteristic of the Kingdom Rush series. In fact, playing Kingdom Rush 2 Frontiers feels like stepping into a comfy pair of old shoes that have just been freshly customised: familiar comfort abounds, but the new bells and whistles make it almost feel like you’re wearing a brand new sneaker. Not quite, but almost, and that’s the brilliance of this sublime sequel.


Hero Briefs

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Mirage The Assassin

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