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Kingdom Rush 4 – Because great games need sequels, but great sequels need sequels too (aka ideas and improvements for Kingdom Rush 4 sequel)

Share in Greatness

There was once a time where there just wasn’t enough Kingdom Rush greatness to go around. These were times when Kingdom Rush was merely a flash-based work of utterly unrivalled brilliance, and a mobile version seemed a long way off. Once the game was ported to the mobile device market, the fun really started to happen, and when the announcement that Kingdom Rush: The Curse of Castle Blackburn had been greenlighted by Steam became known, it was like things just couldn’t get any better, but better they did get. The recently-released Kingdom Rush: Frontiers marked the series’ first sequel and has been incredibly well received by players and critics, so is it too early to think about ways that a sequel to a sequel to a steam-based confirmation of a sequel – let’s just call it Kingdom Rush 4 for clarity – could better its predecessors? For me, speculating about a game’s future can never be done too soon, so long as the game whose future we are speculating about has already been released. And it has. So I will.

Four Becomes More

Kingdom Rush fans will know what I’m referring to almost instantly just from the title of this section, but for those that are less than familiar with the game’s format, it involves building towers to defend your kingdom from waves of enemies that are trying to make it from one side of the screen to the other. The game has prided itself upon the fact that there always have been and are still only four base tower types to play with (though each of these types  when upgraded can be turned into one of two possible towers making a total of 8 actual towers to build in practice). The base tower types are barracks, ranged, magic, and artillery, and have always provided us with some top-draw variety and upgrade possibilities that are second to none.

 After two titles, though, it may be time to consider adding perhaps a fifth or maybe even sixth type of tower in order to shake things up a little bit. This is of course akin to adding in a new type of Pokémon in the series with the same name, since adding in new tower types would lead to reconsideration of these types’ effectiveness against different kinds of enemy. We’ve been restricted to 4 for long enough, though, so five and upwards seems the only way to go here!

Design Controversy

Ok, so Kingdom Rush has always had an extremely identifiable style that one could recognise as being from the Kingdom Rush family from a distance of roughly 100 meters. Ironhide’s decision to make Kingdom Rush: Frontiers’ design pretty much identical to the light-hearted, quirky, and cartoon-like style of the first was bold but widely accepted as a logical step, making Frontiers not a distinctly separate sequel as such but a seamless continuation that follows on perfectly from its predecessor. It may be a controversial move, but I don’t see how another sequel can be released in the same style without the developers being accused of being unimaginative in their success with the games.

 A marked break from the style that we have all been so comfortable with for so long would be a huge step forward for the series; new menus, new illustrative ventures, new sounds, and new animations could all act as catalyst for this change, resulting in a break from the look we’ve been used to for so long.

Faster Forward

Ok, a minor issue at best is this one, but my god, Ironhide, how long is it going to take you to figure out what most other tower defense games knew from the start? I’m talking about a fast-forward button, which is something that Kingdom Rush 4 most definitely needs. Beginners will have no need for this function, but those who are comfortable with the gameplay and their level of skill will find it irritating to sit through wave after wave of battles that they already know the outcome of. A fast-forward button would allow you to skip through the early rounds and waves where victory is all but an inevitability that you must sit through at normal speed regardless. This just isn’t on, and Kingdom Rush 4 is the perfect opportunity to sort this shortcoming.


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