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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Blackthorne the Corsair

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Blackthorne the Corsair

Blackthorne the Corsair: Game Play Video

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Heroes – Captain Blackthorne the Corsair

And other such pirate ramblings

Yarr me hearties... shiver me timbers, and other such stereotypical nonsense that passes for pirate-based utterances nowadays; that’s right, I went mock pirate for a second, but only because of a mixture of being excited about the information about the new hero, and being on the verge of positively agitated in anticipation for the release of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers on the 6th June. Finally having a date suddenly makes the game’s imminent release all the more real, even though it has been real all along because, well, folks at Ironhide aren’t liars; what they are though, is a bunch of talented developers that just gave us a bit of info about the new hero, Captain Blackthorne the Corsair, so here is what we know.

Captain Blackthorne the Corsair

That’s right, Blackthorne is your average, mischievous pirate with an affinity for facial hair, an aversion to having a full set of limbs and/or extremities, and from the look of his attacks, a fairly serious drinking and looting problem. His video above says more about him than words ever could, but the words below will help to explain a little more about his individual attacks. Thank you, words, you are the tool that allows us to express all manner of emotion and convey many-a-feeling, apart from sarcasm of course.


  • Swordsmanship: Increases his attack damage.
  • Looting: Making a bad name for all those honest pirates out there just wanting to do make their way on dry land, Blackthorne has a love for swiping increase quantities of gold from his fallen foes.
  • Toughness : This skill results in a HP increase of varying amounts according to level of upgrade
  • Rum and Bang! (Active):  When I said he had a drinking problem, I meant it literally: he can’t handle his drink, so he uses it as an accelerant/explosive to damage any enemies in range
  • Release the Kraken (Active): This does exactly what it sounds like: it releases a kraken that can of capture some enemies while slowing others by 25, 50, or 75% according to upgrade level.

Parting Remark

Well, that wasn’t so bad now, was it? If you’re reading this, then you either got through the entire article without getting bored or skipped to the end to see if I had anything important or new to say. Well I don’t, ok? All I know is that Blackthorne is a premium-content hero that’s going to cost you $2.99 to purchase, but just look at all that rum and gold you get for that price! Bargainous if I may make up a word to say so myself.