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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers – The time is upon us, so what can you expect?

kingdom rush frontiers: new towers and heroes

The Best Yet

Just as the act of reaching for a Penguin when peckish, if I’m in the mood for an excellence in tower defense and am hungry for a game that both typifies and leads the genre by a long way, then I’m going to reach for Kingdom Rush. A title that put Ironhide Games on the map, Kingdom Rush has received wide critical acclaim as well as a loyal following of millions of fans across the world. The launch of their sequel to the game, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, was unsurprisingly met with a reaction that could be mistaken for that of the population of Hiroshima on the 6th of August 1945, in terms of extremity, anyhow.

What New Features Does the Game Hold?

Tower Upgrades

The original four tower types remain, but with new and improved upgrades for us to throw at the enemy, literally.

Barracks Upgrades

Assassin’s Guild

This building produces assassins that can become invisible until they ambush the enemy, with special upgrades like the ability for assassins to rob enemies of gold, evasive manoeuvres, and a damaging special attack.

Knights Templar

Can produces highly-armoured foot soldiers which have special upgrades that can increase their maximum health, revive themselves in the event of death, and a health-draining attack that continues to drain enemies’ health for a brief period after being hit

Ranged Tower Upgrades

Crossbow Fort

This building has crossbow-wielding soldiers that are balanced between attack power and range of attack. Their upgrades include the ability to shoot a constant stream of bolts and a range upgrade made possible by the possession of a falcon spotter.

Windwalkers Totem

This building contains tribesmen who throw axes that may stun enemies, with special upgrades including magic bursts that prevent magic-using foes from casting spells.

Artillery Tower Upgrades

Battle-Mecha T-200

The building acts as a launch pad for a mobile terminator-like machine that shoots explosive artillery. Special upgrades include spreading oil to slow down enemies and long-range missiles.


This acronym is short for Drilling Weaponized Auto-Attack Rumble Platform, which creates localized earthquakes to damage nearby enemies. Special upgrades include damaging enemies with fire and a one-hit kill attack.

Magic Towers

Necromancer Tower (This one sound exciting)

Necromancers can resurrect enemies and make them fight for your team. Specials include the ability to release pestilence or the ability to summon a ‘death rider’.

Archmage Tower

These can store up their power and then release up to three deadly bolts at once. If any kill an enemy, the remaining bolts will track enemies. Erstwhile enemies explode, damaging others around them, and you can also summon a tornado.


This game will offer some new heroes that have the ability to turn the game in your favour. This time, they will have stats that can be upgraded throughout the course of the game. There are three heroes that we currently know of:

Alric the Warrior

A fearsome warrior from Hammerhold that can strike with great speed and also summon warriors to help him. His primary skills include passive advantages such as improved armour and also a special flurry manoeuvre.

Cronan the Beastmaster

His natural environment is the jungle, having experience with fighting on all terrain. He has the ability to summon nature to his advantage. He can summon boars, a stampede of rhinos, or falcons as well as having a direct attack that damages the enemy and a regenerative feature.

Mirage the Assassin

A fearful assassin, Mirage has sworn to use her deadly skills for the protection of Hammerhold. Primary skills include precision, which allows her to improve her attack range, as well as shadow dodge to increase evasiveness, shadow dance, and a lethal strike that can destroy the target with one hit.

PC Browser Version...

With kingdom rush frontiers being launched for iPhone and iPad it is only a matter of time before the flash pc version is due out and we expect this to be hosted on Armor Games. The flash version should feature a lot of the content you get on the iPhone and iPad but because it will be a viral version it may cut back on even more content and offer that up through payment options. We will keep you up to date here when it arrives.

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