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Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD – Feel the rush as the best tower defense game on the planet returns in eye-popping HD

Watch the HD, It’ll Take Your Eye Out

Upon completing the original Kingdom Rush HD, there was a void left in each fan’s heart so expansive that no other game could possibly fill it. In fact, this void is so vast that Kingdom Rush itself couldn’t even fill it, meaning dejection and emptiness for all those that enjoyed it and a desperate look to the future for a sequel. Thankfully, June arrived and Ironhide dropped a sequel on us that yet again rocked the tower defense world. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is one of those games that is so unreasonably incredible that it makes all other games of the genre look as if they were designed by mentally ill monkeys with blindfolds on that had been given a some crayons and a time limit of one month to come up with the goods. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers HD lets you experience the greatness of the original but with more towers, more heroes, new enemies; and all of this in wonderful HD that looks so vibrant that you can’t be sure that the developers didn’t invent some new colours just for use in this game.

The Basics

So, fellow Frontiers-ers and new fans alike, what do we have in this highly anticipated sequel? Well, we’ve got everything that you would expect from the tower defense genre, with enemies advancing from various positions down paths of different shapes with the main goal of reaching one or more of your gates. If these enemies get past the gates, you lose a corresponding number of lives, with the loss of all of them resulting in failure of the level. Thankfully, you have four types of tower to defend your kingdom with: archers, barracks, magic, and artillery; these towers can be purchased with gold, positioned at any of the build points around the path and all fire at any enemies that are in range.

Enemies, Upgrades, and Other Such Madness

You aren’t restricted to just the four tower types, but rather get to upgrade them to higher levels as you progress through the game. Once you reach level 4 with any particular tower type, you can choose to upgrade them to one of two final forms. For the barracks towers, this means turning them either into a Knights Templar with powerful and highly-armoured soldiers or an Assassin’s Guide with troops that are highly effective at sneaky combat. Each final form of a tower type can undergo further upgrades to increase their performance, with the assassins for example being able to learn the pickpocket ability which gives them a chance of stealing more gold from the enemy in the event of their death .

Enemies in the game are almost entirely new and are all stage-specific, with dune warriors only appearing in the  sand-based levels and jungle spiders being exclusive to the jungle levels. There are other small novelties in each level, with the environment frequently changing or producing elements that can either help or hinder you, such as a volcano that spurts out explosive boulders or giant plants that eat enemy and ally alike. Don’t ever forget the heroes as well, with nine of these to choose from including Alric the Warrior, Captain Blackthorne the Corsair, or Ashbite the Dragon, each with their own abilities and moves that give them advantages over the other.

A No-Brainer

As well as playing like a gamer’s dream, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers HD also looks like it was designed by the mythical gods of aesthetics, with a cartoon style that instantly distinguishes it from all other games as well as a level of polish that is usually reserved for the Queen’s finest silverware. Seriously, looking at the game in full HD is such a vibrant and colourful experience that you sometime forget you are playing a tower defense game. The humorous sounds and playful aesthetic simply add further to the game’s charm, which crashes down upon you like a warm summer wave on a scenic beach on the same day that you just got a promotion at work. It genuinely feels that good, and I’ll never be convinced otherwise.


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The Heroes

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