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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Walkthrough – Because a mere “get started” guide does not a walkthrough make

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In deciding to play Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, you have already made what is likely to be the best decision of your life. Marriage? Sure, that’s cute, I’m sure you’ll be very happy. Getting a job? Pretty useful; will help you pay for the expensive wedding. Realising that reading through the physics behind the big bang theory written by an 80-year-old, grey-moustached professor is funnier and more entertaining than The Big Bang Theory to an infinite degree? Now we’re getting somewhere, but discovering a love for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers? Now that is a smart move that will bring you joy, necromancer towers and happiness for hours, my friend. Thanks to this game, the tower defense genre has something to be truly proud about, and even sceptics will come to realise that placing multiple towers of different type on the perimeter of a path to quash enemy invasion can be challenging, amusing and visually stunning all at once. If you’re finding it all a little too challenging, however, take a look at this wee guide and see if it can remedy the situation for you.

Tipping Point

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I wouldn’t like you to take the title of this section literally, since I’m actually referring to the fact that below lies a few small and fairly general tips on the gameplay that may be beneficial to your game if you haven’t yet tried employing the techniques found within said tips to your own particular adventure. I mean these not as a strict and “correct” way of doing things, but rather simply a few considerations to boost your strategy when hitting any sticking points in the gameplay, which I did many a time; overcoming these sticking points was as simple as making minor changes in the way I went about the game, so I hope that amongst these paragraphs that you can find even one piece of information that you haven’t already considered and that this piece of information will change your Kingdom Rush: Frontiers experience for the better. Now, enough of the sickening sentimentals: let’s strategise.

Location Matters

While choosing the right kind of tower can boost your performance in Kingdom Rush, it can be your placement of the correct tower in the optimum location that makes all the difference. It’s all well and good knowing that the artillery tower packs the most raw power in the game, but placing a single artillery tower on a path where enemies can pass through quickly will soon have you crying tears of frustration as the foes manage to scurry away from the blast radius very quickly.

  1. The first thing to remember is to use the barracks towers to create choke points: these are most effective at points where paths converge and towards the exit gates. Barrack towers are unnecessary on some levels, but it can never hurt to have one or two to catch fast-moving enemies such as wolves and spiders that would otherwise get through.
  2. The second consideration to bear in mind is to use barracks towers in conjunction with several attacking towers to deal the most damage. A few archer towers and a mage stationed in range of a well-upgraded barracks tower can be highly effective, and artillery towers are best friends forever with barracks as well.
  3. The final nugget of 24 karat information is simply to place towers in locations that have the highest amount of coverage over the largest area. Placing towers right in the corner where the enemies enter may get damage dealt early, but when you’ve got a central area with 4 or 5 build points that all enemies will walk past, then you’re missing out on an opportunity.

Building Bow-Based Success

I don’t think I can stress enough just how important it is to recognise the greatness of archer towers. They may seem a little weak at the beginning when you can only upgrade to say level 2, but even at this point, large numbers of low level archer towers placed in some prime locations will make short work of the approaching enemy. I always make it a point to begin with a solid number of archers because they are cheap to build, have the greatest rate of fire, and are by far the most versatile of all the towers in terms of the different types of enemy they are effective against. As soon as you are able to build them, Crossbow Forts are incredibly effective against the enemy, and having a cluster in the centre of a level as well as one stationed near each exit can prevent last-second disappointment at an enemy escaping.

A Great Spread

One of the more obvious points here, but don’t ever spend all your cash on building a small number of powerful towers at the beginning. Instead, try to build success in numbers, spreading low-level archers and mages throughout the level and upgrading them in a relatively even fashion. You’ll find that in the early stages of a level where money is tight, large numbers of cheap archer towers will provide excellent coverage over the largest possible area; only when you begin earning more money should you upgrade your towers fairly evenly across the board.

On the Up and Upgrade

Having spent a number of hours playing through the game on casual, normal, and veteran mode and also checking out Superjombombo2’s Channel of Awesome on Youtube, I realised that spending your upgrade stars tactically can actually mean the difference between success and failure. I made the mistake of trying to spread my upgrade stars evenly throughout the six different upgrade areas very early on when there weren’t many stars available: this was a mistake. The best strategy is to concentrate on upgrading one or two main attributes in a substantial fashion. I chose to upgrade my rain of fire and archers at first, and then pad out the rest after building this solid foundation. I would say that you should upgrade the areas that you most use, so if you like to go heavy on artillery, spend your stars on these; if you like mage towers, upgrade these as a priority. There’s no right and wrong way of doing things, but there is an effective and an ineffective way of going about it, so consider reshuffling your upgrades if you reach a sticking point in the game.


Your two abilities don’t just sit in the corner of the screen to look good and round; these abilities are there to be used to your advantage! A fully-upgraded rain of fire can hammer the absolute sh*t out of enemies across the whole map, leaving residual scorched earth damage for those that walk by and taking out more powerful enemies that resurrect their colleagues so that you can concentrate on killing the low-level pawns instead.

Reinforcements are so useful that they deserve their own paragraph since these can be used to great effect at any time during a battle. Use them to delay enemies that make it through to your gates, or in the middle of a large group to delay a few of them, but however you use them, always, always just remember to use them in the first place since they have a very short cooldown period and can really help you out of a sticky situation.

Tower Power

You’re missing out on some massive damage potential if you don’t consider your tower types in relation to the type of enemy that is approaching. Starting off with a bunch of archer towers is a good foundation, but the number of mage towers you build should be responsive to the number of armoured enemies that will approach, as should your barracks and artillery be responsive to build-up of crows and fast-moving enemies. In general, you should be receptive to using certain tower types more than others if the situation calls for it.

Level 1: Hammerhold

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough hammerhold

Use the circular shape to your advantage to provide maximum coverage: two or three archer towers at the top and bottom, with as many mage towers as you can afford after this, Desert Thugs and Dune Raiders are the only enemies to bother you here. Add in a barracks tower if enemies are progressing too ar. Use reinforcements to your advantage also.

Level 2: Sandhawk Hamlet

Level 2 towers are available, though upgrade strategy doesn’t come into it yet. Build archers around the point where the paths converge: 4 archers towers at this point will suffice. Mage towers are required for their armour penetration and accuracy, particularly against wolves that appear later. Barracks are also required to slow down these wolves as well; I used 2 barracks towers for extra safety on the vertical path.

Level 3: Sape Oasis

Upgrade strategy comes into it at this stage, with level 3 towers being available. Build a mixture of archers and mages to cover both paths. Archers should be the greatest in number, with mages used here and there for backing them up. Make sure to upgrade your archers towers fairly evenly when you can. Barracks can help on this level, though they aren’t essential.

Level 4: Dunes of Despair

Use the middle S-shaped formation to build towers around at first. Archers of course should take priority, mage towers to help out, and a barracks to slow men down in the central area. Level 3 mage towers are powerful so make sure to use them

Level 5: Buccaneer’s Den

One entrance point at the top leads to two exit paths in the south. One more path gets made by an executioner on the right hand side. The central area is crying out for archers and mages, and the top section is ideal for a DWAARP. A Barracks will be necessary on each of the paths, particularly at the build point closest to the entrance that will be made by the executioner. Don’t forget rain of fire and reinforcements for helping you out in a tight situation.

Level 6: Nazeru’s Gates

The whale-tale shape will be the best for building archers and mages for best coverage of types, with barracks being build on the left and right in places of your choosing. Mage towers are most usefully upgraded to archmages later on in the level. My choices were assassins, archmages, and crossbow forts. A DWAARP is also very useful at a central point as well.

Level 7: Crimson Valley

Four entry points are created in total. The central portion of the level is ideal for building, with archers and mages of course (~3 archer and a mage). Use Barracks at convergence points, and upgrade to crossbow fort/archmage towers when you can.

Level 8: Snapevine Bridge

Cover the top and bottom paths by building in the central station. Archers and mages are always a good starting point, with a barracks and another crossbow for/axethrower close to the exit. Knight’s templars are best for defense in this one.


Level 9: Lost Jungle

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough lost jungle

Crossbow forts should be built in the centre, with barracks covering the south. Necromancers are most useful in this one, stalling and obstructing the enemy as well as any barracks tower. The only things to watch out for are the tiny spiders that move at excessive speed, making necromancers and barracks towers towards the exit essential. DWAARPS are always helpful as well.

Level 10: Ma’qwa Urqu

Building archers in the central section is wise. Necromancer towers will help you out significantly here: place them on the curvature of each path. One barracks minimum is needed by the exit,  and others if you feel it necessary. The Battle Mecha is also extremely effective in this level, and all following levels for that matter.

Level  11: Temple of Saqra

This is a fairly difficult one, though if you have enough firepower at the end, you’ll breeze past the boss. Archers (and eventually crossbow forts) function well on the top two corners of the central area, and an artillery tower on each of the top build points in these corners. DWAARPS cover the paths at the top very well. Necromancer towers are hugely useful, and a barracks towards each exit also helps catch stragglers. Archmage towers will help you out a great deal here as well, providing firepower against the Quincon boss at the end.

Level 12: The Underpass

Underground levels aren’t as scary as they may look. Archers need to be spread well around the enemy entrance points, and mage towers are also essential for taking down armoured foes. Necromancer towers, archmages, crossbow forts, and a battle mecha are effective.

Level 13: Beresad’s Lair

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough beresads lair

Barracks are quite handy in this one, with archers covering the paths where they meet. Archmage towers should feature more heavily than necromancers, and battle mechas are also extremely effective (don’t forget the missiles).

Level 14: The Dark Descent

Build an artillery and archer tower around the dwarf buildings that are already there. Crossbow forts will deal great all-round damage: you should have some covering both paths, with archmages eventually, and a mecha t on both paths.

reinforcements as well.

Level 15: Emberspike Depths

Kingdom rush frontiers walkthrough emberspike depths

Concentrate your archers around the central points since there are a few exit points you must cover. The barracks towers are essential: one on each exit point or thereabouts. Crossbow towers are of course the choice here: axethrowers are not the way to go here. You need power and speed for the final boss. Necromancer towers are useful, but archmages are absolutely necessary for later on. Battle Mechas should be present as well: two as a minimum.

The boss will fly over your towers, being attacked by them but also burning them and eventually destroying them one by one until either you have failed or he is dead. It’s not incredibly difficult, but because he destroys your towers, you will not be able to afford to re-build powerful ones: this is why it is absolutely crucial that you have heavily upgraded archmage and crossbow towers as well as Battle Mechas with wasp missile upgrades to the max.

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