Kingdom Rush Game

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Kingdom Rush – Unparalleled, fantastical tower defense action 

King of the Genre

In my experience, the tower defense genre is somewhat of a saturated one that is fraught with too many unremarkable games based on unimpressive concepts that fail to deliver anything more than the bare minimum of requirements to qualify as a tower defense game. Unfortunatly, simply giving us generic towers and a dreary set of environments to place them in does not a tower defense game make. Games like the unfortunate Super Tower Defense are enough to make put even the most fervent fan of the genre off for good, so why is it such a popular style of game? This popularity can be explained by the existence of the select few titles that are an absolute pleasure to play, with Kingdom Rush standing out as one of the games that justifies the presence of the tower defense genre on the flash-based map. An incredible game of tower defense with flecks of fantasy, Kingdom Rush is as stylish and substantial as they come; it is no wonder that the sequel Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is the focus of such intense anticipation.


Now, it isn’t the basic structure of Kingdom Rush that distinguishes it from the masses. In fact, the game is notably loyal to the age-old tower defense format, requiring you to deploy a range of towers to defend your kingdom’s gates from a myriad of foes attempting a multi-wave invasion. Towers are placed at a variety of strategic points across levels containing pathways of different shapes, each requiring a slightly different strategy based on their particular geographical arrangement and also the type of enemies making the invasion. None of this is breaking news in terms of tower defense, and due to the populous nature of the genre, this idea has been seen before and it will indeed be seen again. For the reason why the game is so damned unique, we must look instead at what it has to offer in terms of content.

Towering Over the Competition

Firstly, the range of towers that can be earned in Kingdom Rush is something to behold. The towers in the game belong to one of four basic types: Melee, Artillery, Magic, and Ranged. The Ranged towers contain archers that can shoot over limited distances, Artillery towers fire concussive blasts at the enemy, and melee towers are a wonderful innovation that allow you to deploy troops that slow down the enemy and deal small amounts of damage in the process. The fantasy element of the game surfaces with the use of Magic towers, which fire blasts of magic at enemies which penetrates their amour.

Things really get interesting with the upgrade system, however, which allows you to gradually improve your towers by earning upgrade points. The final upgrade of each tower allows you to specialise each tower type into one of two final forms. The Archer towers, for example, can take the final form of either a Rangers Hideout or a Musketeer Garrison. Rangers Hideout towers have a high rate of fire and are effective against ground-based enemies whereas the Musketeer Garrison has a slow rate of fire but is incredibly powerful. Special abilities can also be unlocked for each tower, such as shrapnel shot for the Musketeers or poison arrows for the Ranger Hideout. The assortment of towers and upgrades truly keeps you invested throughout.

Foe Pas

You will face a wide range of enemies in Kingdom Rush that will allow you to make use of your number of tower forms. Enemies are unlocked as you make progress in the game, varying in type and escalating in difficulty the more you succeed. Regular enemies like orcs and wolves can be taken down with just about any tower type, but enemies such as Shamans are resistant to attacks from Magic towers and can also replenish the health of their compatriots; this requires strategic selection of towers so that you are maximally effective against all types of enemy.

Exit Strategy

While the range of enemies, towers, and the upgrade system in the game makes it a distinctive title, the design of the game and the graphics that it is based on make it truly memorable. The cartoon-like illustrations coat everything in an enjoyably light-hearted glow, giving the game an almost comedic tone that the sound effects and battle cries serve to reinforce. Extra features like being able to choose from 9 hero characters to deploy and the selection of terrain you can play through makes it impossible for any other game to exist within the same league. Kingdom Rush’s mix of cartoon and fantasy takes the substantial content and gives it a unique edge that you simply don’t see in 99% of games out there.