Stick War 3 Game

Stick War 3 – Small ideas for improvements in the event of a sequel

Flash-Based Gratification

There’s nothing quite like the simulated representation of humans through stick figures, is there? Stick-based people are less taxing on your graphics card, they’re so much easier to draw, and because they aren’t quite the full corporeal embodiment of humans, it is easier to sacrifice hundreds of them in an all-out war for the purposes of our entertainment and flash-based gratification. Stick War 2: Order Empire is part tower defense, part real-time strategy, but all action and bloodshed for the purpose of taking back what rightfully belongs to your stick fellows in the first place. As entertaining as the game is, however, there is always room for improvement, and what better place to muse about a future sequel than the internet? The following ideas may be flawed, but unlike 95% of content on the internet, they are written in comprehensible, grammatically-sound English, which should be a refreshing change to the WWW norm.

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Stick Wars is a series that is simply crying out for an achievements system. Stick Wars 3 could contain such an arrangement where you are rewarded different sorts of achievement awards or medals for meeting certain criteria. The expected ones would be for the number of enemies slaughtered, such as ‘warrior’ for 100 kills, ‘warlord’ for 500 kills, and ‘Angel of Death’ for 1000 total kills. More unusual achievements are also becoming standard in many flash games, such as an award entitles ‘Chuck Norris’ that is issued when a small unit or single troop manages to slaughter a certain number of enemies without dying first, or ‘Prayer Master’ in regards to the act of praying for mana. These are probably the worst ideas since the concept of the idea itself came into existence, but these thoughts just dance around the main point, which is that Stick War 3 has the potential to include some much-needed achievement awards.  

Commands Menu

In-game commands menu not very clear, even after tutorial. This would be ok for previous players that are familiar with the general structure and nature of the commands, but new players may struggle with quickly finding a command in the heat of simulated battle and their progress may be hindered because of it. Stick War 3 needs a bit of a redesign of the in-game menu, since it is currently very unintuitive and doesn’t really feel like a natural progression of commands situated next to each other, but rather a series of buttons whose purpose isn’t immediately clear, forcing you to hover the mouse over them until an explanation of their function appears.

“Not Actual Gameplay Footage”

The epic introductory cinematics set an extremely grand tone for the game, with its dramatic battle music and pretty impressive fight scenes. In comparison, the gameplay is actually a little tame and the slick fight sequences where some impressive stick-figure martial art is employed and limbs are severed with style seems all but absent from the actual gameplay. Instead of cool, calculated moves, swordsmen simply charge at the enemy and stop when they reach them, swinging their swords in a repetitive and generic motion that is nothing but disappointing. I know that having individual battle animations for each troop is impossible, but how about some dramatic licence being taken occasionally, or perhaps some epic and needlessly-elaborate death sequence in super-slow motion?

Heroic Imaginings

In a game where the generic foot-soldier, archer, or wizard-folk, or giant are the only forces you have available, an individually-controlled and notable hero character would improve the gameplay immensely. Much like the hero characters of Kingdom Rush, these heroes or warriors could possess unique characteristics, be controlled on an individual basis, and generally bring a bit of character to what is otherwise a barrage of generic soldiers of unremarkable design and nonspecific appearance.